Frequently Asked Questions

At Shred Experts® we want to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to make the right decision about your document destruction company.

Listed below are some of the most commonly asked questions about document destruction and Shred Experts® LLC. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us at (989)752-4200 or toll free at (800)314-8000.

How are costs calculated by Shred Experts®?

On-Site document destruction fees are calculated on a “per container” basis-per box or per cabinet. Minimum fees may apply. No need to weigh the material or calculate the per minute time required for shredding.

Are the Cabinets and Toters Free?

Yes, with a minimum of monthly service visits. Locked Toters are available to our customers on an “as needed” basis for the annual cleanout of file cabinets. We are certainly available for annual box purging.

Do we need to sort out things like paperclips and staples?

You will not need to remove paper clips, staples or any “bendable” metal fasteners.

Is Shred Experts Certified®?

Yes, Shred Experts® is Triple AAA Certified by The National Association of Information Destruction. This credential is a highly recognized standard with business auditors. Shred Experts adheres to all applicable laws and compliance issues and is subjected to unannounced audits by NAID.

Shred Experts is certified by NAID for both Paper and Computer Hard Drive Destruction.

How are payments handled?

Shred Experts® accepts MasterCard, VISA, Cash or Check in payment. You can pay at the time services are rendered or we can invoice your company.

What about recycling the information without shredding?

Simply recycling confidential and sensitive information is not secure. Often, these documents sit unguarded and exposed for anyone’s access; possibly the documents could sit in the recycling plant for long periods of time, or even be sent overseas intact. Furthermore, if you are legally mandated to destroy these documents, recycling only is not in compliance with the law.

Can you shred other confidential information besides paper?

In addition to paper, Shred Experts® can also shred hard drives, CDs, Video Tapes, film, X-Rays, Media, and other similar information. If you are not sure if the data you have can be destroyed, give us a call or e-mail Shred Experts with your concerns.

What happens to the shredded paper after the job is completed?

All shredded paper is recycled and reintroduced into the paper stream.

How long must I keep documents before they can be destroyed?

Please seek the advice of legal counsel or your CPA Firm for answers to your specific questions.

On-Site Shredding verses Off-site Shredding?

Given the risks associated with the transportation of highly confidential data, Shred Experts® offers only on-site document shredding. This procedure eliminates the danger of loss of confidential information, which could be damaging to your company or customers. Only shredded material will leave your parking lot.

How do I know my documents have been destroyed?

On-site monitoring is available via monitors installed in the shredding trucks. Two camera views, one of the shredder itself and one of the shredded paper in the back of the truck. All shredded paper is augered to the back of the truck and combined with up to 5 tons of shredded material from other customers. All shredded paper is delivered to the recycling plant daily.

Is the transfer of the documents to the shredding truck secure?

Shred Experts® transfers all the confidential paper from your location to the shredding truck by means of a locked 96 gallon container manufactured by Toter Inc. The toter is then loaded inside the truck to the industrial shredder where the “pierce and tear” shredding takes place. The documents remain locked and secure while in our possession.

Does Shred Experts® require a long-term contract?

Shred Experts® provides our clients the opportunity to change, or cancel any part of our service schedule without penalty at your discretion. Service agreements can be provided to lock in price for a determined amount of time, however the agreement does provide an out-clause for the benefit of our customers.