On-Site Mobile Document Destruction

Your confidential documents are reduced to unrecognizable pieces of confetti within minutes, intermingled with other clients’ shredded material, and then transported to a recycling center.

You are invited to witness the entire destruction process via our video monitors installed on the shredding trucks.

On-site destruction guarantees the security of your confidential information. Materials are destroyed before we leave your premises, ensuring that opportunities for information theft are drastically reduced. The chain of custody is short and never broken.

Types of Services Offered

Routine Cabinet Customers

Locking security containers and cabinets are provided free of charge with a minimum monthly service. We utilize the highest quality locking 96 gallon 4-wheeled toters, which allow secure and easy transfer of documents by for our employees and your staff. The locking cabinets come in several sizes and the gray melamine finish fits nicely with most decors.

Available Cabinets
Standard 35x19x16
Short 27x19x16
Toter - 96 gallons, 4 wheels for easy mobility

Purge Customers

Our goal is simple, to provide the most reliable and cost effective solution for information security and privacy protection. We are dedicated to designing a completely custom program for each location that we serve.

Locked security containers and cabinets will be strategically placed within your facilities: our unique volume checking system will maximize your use and reduce your costs.

Hard Drive Destruction Services

While it may feel good to donate you computers to a school or non-profit please remove and destroy the computer hard drive. The serial numbers on the hard drive can be traced to the purchaser and must be accounted for under the new privacy regulations. Please contact the office for proper procedures prior to the destruction of your computer hard drives.