Why Shred?

The requirements of federal laws, HIPAA, Graham-Leach-Bliley and recently FACTA have increased demand for on-site document destruction services.

Virtually all businesses are impacted with the privacy laws. Shred Experts® has serviced a wide range of commercial customers throughout Lower Michigan including businesses in the medical, financial, legal, governmental, automotive, and industrial field.

Benefits of Shredding

  • Eliminates possibility of incomplete destruction of important documents. Large in-house shredding volume is laborious to handle and may cause circumvention of control requirements.

  • Peace of mind provided by the knowledge that all confidential documents will be completely destroyed in a timely fashion according to your requirements daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Increased productivity: Employees are more productive when focused on their core responsibilities

  • Safety-first: Even small shredding machines can cause injury if used in haste; grab clothing or other apparel.

  • Reduced capital costs and payroll costs associated with purchase of equipment and involvement of staff in the shredding function. Time-savings can be applied to employee productivity.

  • Lower costs for disposal of shredded material; eliminates need for additional dumpsters.

  • Security of your documents awaiting destruction. Our service includes locked security cabinets placed strategically at your facility-easy accessibility for your staff.

  • On-site mobile document destruction improves control over the destruction process by eliminating excessive handling of sensitive documents.